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    Sharon Welby

    By far the easiest and most enjoyable weight loss I have ever had!

    I started Clean Cut Meals Fat Loss Plan about 10 weeks before my wedding and it was a life saver! I have always been quite active and enjoy working out but I also enjoy my food and my treats so I've always found it hard to get rid of the last few stubborn pounds to be at my ideal weight. Within three weeks of starting CCM, people were already telling me they could see a difference in my weight, and more importantly I could feel it myself. Another added benefit was that I had so much more energy than before as I was eating the right types of food and this was so noticeable when I was working out at the gym as well as I was lifting heavier than I was before and constantly getting new personal bests on all my lifts!

    Life for me is busy, as it is for everyone else, but being a mom to an active toddler, working full time, and trying to plan a wedding means that spare time is almost non-existent! I was definitely guilty of opting for the easy way out some times in terms of food and going for pre prepared and packaged meals which do more damage than good but with CCM I got all the benefits of convenience, with the added extras of eating healthily, losing weight, and having a balanced and varied diet with unbelievably tasty meals to look forward to for breakfast, lunch and dinner!! By the end of the 8 weeks, I had effortlessly dropped a full dress size and I could see a huge difference in areas like my thighs and my arms. I couldn't have felt anymore confident in my wedding dress on my wedding day! It was such an enjoyable experience and the free time that it afforded me with was priceless! I really cannot recommend CCM enough, amazing on so many levels!!

  • NL

    Nathalie Lennon

    Clean Cut Meals have literally helped me turn my life around. Thanks to them, I have been able to ensure I am adequately fuelled for my busy lifestyle, and regained my health after a period where my hectic schedule didn't put food at the top of my priority list. Not only are they of an extremely high standard, with each meal so unique and bursting with taste, but they are so varied that food seems "fun" again, and eating healthy no longer means boring, bland options. You can reach your goals, actually enjoy the food you eat, and keep on top of a hectic schedule & busy lifestyle all at once, thanks to Clean Cut Meals. I've had them almost every week for 1 year. They exceed all standards by a mile with the service they provide.

  • sl3

    Shauna Lyndsy

    With my job I’m always all over the place so to follow a diet plan, as much as it was important to me, it was proving to be rather difficult until I found CleanCutMeals.

    I can’t recommend the meals enough. They’re so tasty and super healthy. For me, it’s like I don’t even realize I’m eating healthy food because when I used to think of healthy food I’d think of tastelessness but CleanCutMeals couldn’t be further from that.

    The flavors and spices in their dishes are so incredible and knowing it’s healthy & nutritious and contributing to my body’s goals is what keeps me coming back.

    The change I’ve seen in my body since starting CleanCutMeals is just INSANE. I’ve completely leaned out from eating the meals and the most important thing is that I’m enjoying it. I enjoy each meal and I look forward to each meal.

    I’m an active gym go’er but at the end of the day for weight loss and toning up gym is only 20% while diet is 80% and I see that now.

    If your thinking of trying CleanCutMeals, just do it. You’ll be so pleasantly surprised, just as I was, that healthy food can be that tasty. The microwaveable packaging is so handy if your on the go (work, school, etc) and it takes just 3 minutes to cook.

    These meals are a lifesaver if you’ve a busy lifestyle but want to stay on track.

    A few of my favorites are : CCM Tomato & Basil Chicken Pasta | CCM Teriyaki Chicken Noodle Stirfry | Chicken Burrito Bowl

  • Kiefer Crosbie

    Kiefer crosbie

    Clean Cut Meals are the best, they keep me fueled through my vigorous training regime and hectic lifestyle as a professional MMA fighter. Couldn't recommend these guys enough. 

  • Damo Comer

    Damien Comer

    Started working with Clean Cut Meals during Championship season a few months ago to get my diet on track. Nutrition is 70% of the battle and having top quality, delicious meals delivered every single week meant I could stay on track and be consistent with my diet. I’d recommend anybody looking to get a real handle on their diet for GAA or the gym to forget about shopping & cooking your own meals and get on the Lean Muscle plan!!

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    Using CCM has definitely helped me keep on track with my fitness plan. Before starting CCM I struggled to meal prep alongside working shift work across days and nights, whilst still having time to get to the gym and get in enough sleep. I was always making excuses and taking the easy option. With the help of CCM I'm down 2 stone and delighted with the progress!

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    Thanks for the great meals. I’ve always trained hard but never ate the right food. As I work on our family farm and have 3 young children I never had time to cook good food so having clean cut meals made my life a lot easier to manage. The meals were perfect and always tasted great.

  • image010


    Seriously Not a Lettuce Leaf in sight! Shocking since wining the Clean Cut Meals challenge people come up and ask me was it all salad food to allow me lose weight. When I started my healthier lifestyle journey weeks ago who would have thought this food would be so wholesome, scrumptious and full of nutrition. I could never fault any dish I received from breakfast in the morning from Vanilla Coconut Overnight Oats to 3 Strawberry Pancakes with a sachet of chocolate Nutella heaven. For lunch and dinner so many nutritious variety of dishes received and they even cater for vegetarians and to finish it off the delicious snack from orange choc protein balls to raw energy bites were literally “the icing on the cake” as they say. The convenience of these meals all prepped and delivered gives me freedom of consistency to get more steps in outdoors with a gain in Vitamin D and go to the gym but my energy levels have rocketed, allowing me to be trained in lifting weights I never would have imagined and getting better nights sleep. The nutrition and quantity had a great variety in meals. The fact that it is synced with my fitness pal is Superb for those tracking. It arrives well packaged and kept cold with ice packs with a great varied menu inside the box.

    The bonus is that I can feel the difference and people making lovely comments on how well I look has helped me gain the confidence I lost along time ago. As said “make different choice today to change your tomorrows”.

  • image012


    I came across CCM on the internet when looking for nutritious prepped meals. Since starting I haven't looked back. Its cost effective, reliable, guaranteed nutrition, great variety and tastes great.
    With a daughter, work, rugby, CrossFit and a life to live, I don't have time for prepping, cooking and cleaning every day. I will continue to use CCM and with working on the road I'm not living out of deli's or spending a fortune in restaurants.

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    Wayne Smith

    Second week on lean muscle plan. Could not fault the quality and freshness of the food. Customer for life.

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    Lucy O Neil

    Clean cut meals just keep on getting better! Menus updated weekly and the quality of the meals is amazing! I would be lost without them for keeping on track and yet keeping it tasty AF!

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    Daniel Folan

    Been getting the meals for a couple of months and feeling great, energy levels are way u! Very professional service and Quality Company to deal with. Meals options change week on week. Keep up the good work!

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    Food so good I'd marry the chefs who put together the amazing meals every week!

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    Joyce Layden

    Week 5 of Clean Cut Meals and I could not be happier.
    The delivery arrives fresh and packaged well every Monday morning.
    Selection of foods, variety of menu and flavours are brilliant.
    I look forward to every meal.
    Also takes out the 'Monday Dread' on a Sunday night as no meal prep to worry about and no reason to go off track on food during the week.
    By far the best money I have ever spent.

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    Linda Keane

    Absolutely love these guys, no shopping, no cooking just healthy tasty food ready for when you need it

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    Soham C

    Absolutely god send for those that are busy with work and have no time for healthy cooking. The food is not only healthy but also palatable and the people behind it are also pretty energetic and driven for their products.

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    Gemma Parle

    Amazing service! Food is delish and team are so nice and accommodating. From someone who has struggled with my relationship with food for years, this has taken the stress of meal prep, protein and calorie counting of my life. I look forward to my weekly delivery! Fair play to clean cuts

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    Seamus Stewart

    Can't believe how tasty, these meals are who knew healthy food can taste this good, best decision I ever made was to order from clean cut meals, and the fact you don't have to cook is a no brainer, it takes all the guess work out of calorie counting, but it's the taste of the meals that has surprised me the most, not bland and boring but healthy and tasty

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    Seamus Stewart

    Can't believe how tasty, these meals are who knew healthy food can taste this good, best decision I ever made was to order from clean cut meals, and the fact you don't have to cook is a no brainer, it takes all the guess work out of calorie counting, but it's the taste of the meals that has surprised me the most, not bland and boring but healthy and tasty

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    Sheena Marie Duffy

    Binge eating and me Food was never a major issue for me, even at my heaviest! My problem was not overeating, it was not eating enough and eating all the wrong things. I was misinformed and naive to a massive extent. Cue years of exercising and "diets" and me, again, naive as to what I was doing. I thought I was eating healthily but the weight wouldn't shift. Then I approached a nutritionist for my first ever food plan. I did lose a little weight but the plan was faaar to strict for me and not maintainable long term. I had went from eating relatively healthy to super strict (chicken and brocolli) and now I was lost. I knew what I should eat but portion size, balancing meals was foreign to me and made me anxious. I had gone from being told what to eat down to the gram to now nothing. My binge eating wasnt as straight forward and being restrictive and then breaking out, mine more so came about due to work. I work for myself and would have 12+ hour days without allowing time for a break. I would come home, exhausted not wanting to cook so ordering take out and bingeing on a massive portion of food so unnecessarily. I didn't even taste the food and felt horrible after. My diet became a broken record of eating "healthy" during the week and breaking out the weekend when I was too tired. Ive had meal plans since and whilst they are great to guide you (once you find the right nutritionist) I felt id plateau about 8 weeks in. Bingeing bouts would commence and I decided I needed a change. Enter Clean Cut Meals. Healthy, nutritious quality food delivered to my door every week. The food has loads of variety and I feel satisfied, have yet to add to any of them! Portion size is perfect and I look forward to my Monday delivery each week to see what tasty treats are on the menu. My binge cycles have stopped and I'm hitting weight loss targets. My only complaint is that I didn't find them sooner! Amazing company and great customer service!

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    Rebecca Murphy

    Clean Cut Meals is helping me to reach my nutrition goals with their delicious meals. They've made it very easy, and I look forward to every meal. The variety of meals means that I'm never bored. My dream would be to order form them every week.

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    Ciara McWilliams

    Fresh nutritious food that takes the headache out of food prep while tasting amazing! Great price for the quality produce!

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    Rachel O’Hara

    I have been using Clean Cut Meals for a few months after I had our 4th Baby! It has been a god send to me not only my time but actually eating and eating healthily. As a very busy mother I’d always put myself last for eating and grab what I could. This time I decided I’d do it right. My baby is 4mths old and I am wearing jeans I wore before having him. I bought a belt when I started the plan and couldn’t even do it up on the first notch....I’m now comfortably on notch 6! I can’t thank them enough. The portion size is great and variety brilliant. Definitely no boredom! I look forward to Monday delivery. I’m even taking some on holidays when we stay in a cottage as a family so I have a quick go to when I run around after all. Thx Clean Cut Meals. I really do feel good about myself

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    Erin Gaffney

    On week one, got lovely range of meals, everything so far is really tasty. I got 1 broken meal and same will be replaced next week. I’m hungry but it’s only day 3. Great value for money. Customer service seems to be good

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    Frances Callinan

    I cannot fault Clean Cut Meals. They are very nice to deal with, great communication and the meals always arrive on time.
    More importantly the meals are absolutely delicious. I would highly recommend.

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    Ian Skeoch

    I absolutely love clean cut meals, every week the meals have been different but always delicious! Energy levels have increased and I generally feel a lot healthier! Ideal for anyone that's busy and struggling to find time to cook! Would highly recommend!

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    Vinessa McGuinn

    Food is absolutely amazing great taste and super handy for a hectic lifestyle

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    Jack Doyle Kelly

    I ordered 2 main meals 6 days a week and I was worried that I'd be eating a lot of the same thing I've found them to be varied, tasty and great quality

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    SR ET

    I am very satisfied with the meals from Clean Cut Meals. They taste great, are varied and leave me satisfied. Having the 2 meals-a-day plan already has lifted a weight off my shoulders where I don't have to worry about preparing 2 of my 4 meals throughout the day. This has been great in giving me more free time when it comes to planning and preparing my own meals.

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    Sadbh O’Donnell

    Great service! Meals were delivered exactly on time and taste great! Really easy to keep track of your calories and macros to achieve your goals! Highly recommend

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    David McMahon Jnr

    Have been using this service for 3 months. Very happy with the service, very quick to reply to any queries and the quality and packaging of food is is very high quality. When I eat the meals regulary (and stay away from takeaways) I am alot more leaner. Looking forward to continuing working with them for 2019. I am hoping that they will introduce some lighter lunch options as add-on.

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    Mairead O Rourke

    Clean Cut Meals are healthy well balanced meals delivered straight to my door! The best part is that they are also delicious. I love the fact that everything is ready for me and nothing goes to waste. I can put my deliveries on hold for a week and come back to them again, all in ny control. Highly recommend these to anyone.

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    Nathalie Lennon

    Clean Cut Meals have to be the best meal prep service in Ireland and I am sure, of a higher standard than many further a field. 1 year I have been getting theirs meals week after week and they have helped me live a much healthier lifestyle, keep on top of a busy job, fuel training & enjoying the tastiest food all the while!
    I have never had one delivery that wasn't perfect, or review from a personal training client that could fault them.
    I could not recommend or speak of Clean Cut Meals highly enough.

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    Niall Telford

    Sorted me out with high quality, convenient meals throughout a busy college year!

  • avatar

    Ciara McGinn

    Been ordering the meals since March of this year. The quality is always excellent, really happy with the variety of dishes which keeps things interesting as the menu varies slightly every week. Easy to stay committed to healthy eating when you have great options pre-paid for and sitting in your fridge, it's a no-brainer!

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