CCM Recipe – Homemade Protein Shake

Every so often I hear from customers who are beginning to get active or who are starting to take their training to the next level who have been told by their trainer to increase their protein intake. We are all for a high protein diet here in Clean Cut Meals and the addition of protein to your post training snack can have great benefits for you. Taking in protein in line with your training helps your muscles to repair/grow and can also help with easing the effects of DOMS.

In saying this we know the benefits but some might be reluctant to buy protein powders or might not like the taste of some brands. So here is our homemade protein shake! A really quick recipe that tastes great.

1 serving (250ml)

25g Nesquick Chocolate Milk Mix

25g Dried Skimmed Milk

250ml Skimmed Milk


26g Protein, 57.5g Carbohydrate, 1.4g Fat – 279 Kcal


This is the perfect fuel for a weight session, and we would recommend doubling the above for men and if the intensity of your session is going to be high and longer then 60 minutes.

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