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Clean Cut Meals was born in early 2015 in the West or Ireland. The business was founded by two good friends, Micheal and Conor (that’s us!). We met while studying in Galway. Micheal was studying culinary arts and training as a chef, while Conor was studying hotel and catering management.

We’ve both always been interested in keeping fit, moving our bodies and eating well. We found that we could train while we studied but eating the diet that we needed to stay on top of our fitness proved to be difficult when we were on the go all day. As a result, we spent a few nights every week preparing and cooking meals for the next few days. It was extremely time consuming, but eating well was really important to us. When we started to bring those meals into college, friends began to take an interest… and so the seed of an idea was sown. 

Our business started in a home kitchen, with orders from friends and family. Within six months, after a lot of market research and with the help of a graduate entrepreneurship programme, we took a lease on our own commercial kitchen, launched our website and booked our first pre-orders. It was daunting and exciting in equal measures. 

Right from the start, all of our Clean Cut Meals have been produced fresh every week by chefs. We don’t include any additives or preservatives during production. Essentially, all our meals are good, decent food, with no junk added.

We believe that nutrition is the foundation for success in every area of life. We are on a mission to build a community of like-minded people who want to feel their best and reach their goals (without having to spend several nights every week prepping food, like we did!).

To date, we have delivered over 600,000 meals to more than 50,000 people. And those numbers are always growing. 

While we are immensely grateful for and proud of the success we’ve had to date, what makes us prouder still is to hear the stories of people who have changed their lives and achieved things that they never thought they could by eating with Clean Cut Meals. 

If you’re already enjoying Clean Cut Meals - thank you, we are delighted that we can share our passion for good, nutritious and convenient food with you! If you’re thinking about signing up and you need any extra information at all, get in touch any time!

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