This Challenge is now over

Are you ready for a transformation?

Due to the phenomenal results of our original challenge we have decided to run it on a weekly basis. This is the ideal plan to kick start your weight loss journey or even to finish off your hard work if you are struggling to the last few kg's. Read the T&C's*

What's included in the 8 week plan?
Support and motivation from our nutiriton experts
Connect and support other people on the plan
Weekly blogs on tups and advice
Meals delivered weekly with a new menu each week

1st Prize

€1000. 1 Years Gym Membership
1 Month of Clean Cut Meals.

2nd Prize

€500. 6 Months Gym Membership
1 Month of Clean Cut Meals.

3rd Prize

€200. 2 Weeks of
Clean Cut Meals.

What's included?

All the food you need.

We have the perfect plan for you on this 8 week journey. You will be getting a new menu every week with food that tastes great while still cutting calories.

New menu each week
Discounted plan (€200 saving)
We can tweak your meal plan for you
Includes currys, pancakes, Bolognese and other favourites

Online Support.

We're in this together! Interacting with other people on the plan and our super helpful nutritional experts is a huge part of keeping you motivated on our plan. We will also be sending weekly blogs of tips and advice to keep you on track.

1-1 calls with CCM's nutrional experts.
Connect with others on the plan
Tips on exercises to do to help you reach your goals
Quick and easy access to our support

How it works?

What food do I get?

Each week you will receive 6 days of food.
1 breakfast, 2 main meals and a snack daily.

How long will it last?

The challenge will last 8 weeks from your start date. You will receive 6 days of food each week.

How do I sign up?

Click the link above highlighted in green. You will receive the meal plan stated above every Monday for the next 8 weeks. We can tailor your plan to suit your needs if there is a specific food you cant eat. These meals will support your progression through your journey of the challenge. Read the T&C's*

What are the prizes?

At the end of the 8 week challenge there will be a prize give away for 1st, 2nd and 3rd place. (Value of 5k of prizes to give away) We will judge the winners by the weekly progress photos that are sent to us (leave link to show terms and conditions on how to take photos etc) Read the T&C's*

What's it like?

Shocking since winning the Clean Cut Meals challenge people come up and ask me was it all salad food to allow me lose weight. When I started my healthier lifestyle journey weeks ago who would have thought this food would be so wholesome, scrumptious and full of nutrition. I could never fault any dish I received from breakfast in the morning from Vanilla Coconut Overnight Oats to 3 Strawberry Pancakes with a sachet of chocolate Nutella heaven. For lunch and dinner so many nutritious variety of dishes received and they even cater for vegetarians and to finish it off the delicious snack from orange choc protein balls to raw energy bites were literally “the icing on the cake” as they say.

The bonus is that I can feel the difference and people making lovely comments on how well I look has helped me gain the confidence I lost along time ago. As said “make different choice today to change your tomorrows”.